About Phil Bomhoff

Phil's racing pigeon experience started in 1955 when he was 13 years old, cleaning and flaging the birds of Pete Morere. Pete did not fly well, but that year, with Phil's help, he took 1st at the 500 and won 2nd Average Speed. Shortly there after Phil built a small in his back yard. He was maybe 18 or 19, and he took a 2nd or a 3rd once that year and was very Happy!!!

Then the Frank Grabowski connection was made and things started changing. Phil moved to Fairfield in 1968. The house needed a lot of work, but the loft went up first. This was the begining of Phil's training from Frank as his mentor.

Later that same year Frank Grabowski sold out, except he kept three cocks that did not sell and from Phil he borrowed back a two time winner that Phil had bought at the auction. He flew these four pigeons in the old bird season that year in the phenomenal Central Jersey Combine. With those four birds, Frank won two first, two seconds, and two thirds.

Phil flew for two years by himself and won two races, plus his first Futurity, and the High Mountian Futurity. He has just nosed out the team of Bill Vernay and Frank Henderson.

Then in 1972, Phil had this super hunting dog and he got into Field Trains with it. It won, and won, and won. Over 100 ribbons - a super dog. (Red Setter). He campaigned this dog from 1972 to 1979 and laid out of racing, but kept the birds.

In 1980, he had a meeting with two friends. Walt Edson, Frank Henderson and they invited Bill Vernay. Friends, but they agreed to set what would become in the future years a racing dynasty, up as a business. They all kicked in $400. Except Bill decided he did not want to join the syndicate in Fairfield. So it was Phil, Walt and Frank. The name Syndicate Loft actually came from Ed Perino who called the three young men the "Syndicate" then they came into the feed store. They had no idea of the success they would achieve in the years to come, but the business agreement included cleaning schedule, dailt care, training etc. All earnings were to go into the bank and one could spend it. Two years later they held thier first auction to add some seed money to the account. They earned $2,000. Each of then some of the finest Huysken Van Riels around. These birds became the foundation of the loft.

In the years to follow they won the very first Presidents Cup and went on to add 6 more for a total of 7 Overall President's Cups. This has to be the toughest AU Award to win except for maybe the American Champion Loft Award. It is a loft performance over young and old bird season. They added to this record, that has not been matched by any other loft, ten All American awards as well. In addition, a fantastic accomplishment is that out of 13 years in the prestigious Central Jersey Combine, they won 5 different 500 mile one bird derby races. All this done with the HVR family birds.

A family that is still intact and winning today for 100's of fanciers all over the US. Phil has in his loft some spectacular specimens and that is what it is all about- individuals, having HVR's in a day when the newest fade strain that replaced the alst fade strain is routine.

Currently Phil keeps about 18 stock pair of the HVR's and it is a candy store of quality. But keep in mind, these birds are there to win races and breed winners. A family of birds that has done it all over the world and moved in 1995 from Fairfield, NJ to Spring Hill, FL and is still doing it there under totally different climate conditions.

John Walsh was a close friend of Phil's and going back some years now, John calls Phil and asks about a band number. Phil looks it up and it is a youngster he lost off the loft directly off his "Mr Motion", the foundation cock fo the entire family in that generation. "Mr. Motion's" young birds were like Gold. Phil told John to bring it back, it was lost off the loft. John refused. He explained to his friend Phil that he had gone to an auction and an old timer selling out, he had the youngster in the auction. He paid $50 for it and called it a gift from God and Phil was not getting it back unless he had a letter from God saying to. This bird went on to breed John youngters that won $27,000 in five years. One son is a 5 time winner. On and on. Phil wasn't even allowed to handle the bird, John wasn't chancing losing it under any circumstances.

Phil was president of the club and did a super job. He is a leader. He is also a retired fire fighter that was decorated for Heroism. Phil is the real thing.

Syndicate Loft is famous on the East Coast and respected globally.